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New To Our Studio?

Do I need to book?

Firstly there is no need to book for a class, you simply turn up. Doors open half an hour before the class time stated.

Which class should I come too?

You can come to any class, all classes are the same, and all classes are available to newcomers and the experienced yogi.

What time should I get there?

As a newcomer you must arrive at least 15 minutes before the class actually starts, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and then you have some time to familiarise yourself with the studio and the yoga room. Check in for newcomers closes 5 minutes before the class time starts.

What should I wear?

Light clothing is best. For the females,  shorts are ideal with either a singlet or sports bra, or some leggings and a singlet or tshirt, nothing baggy or heavy or too long on the legs.  Males should wear shorts and a top or a bare chest. Underwear on its own is not suitable in the yoga room.

How long does the class last?

A Bikram Yoga class lasts for 90 minutes, you are asked to try and stay in the room for those 90 minutes.

Do I need my own yoga mat and towel?

If you have them, fabulous, bring them along. Otherwise mats are $2 to hire and towels are $3 to hire.... this makes it convenient for your practise, simply pop the towel in the red bin after class. It is essential that you practise with a mat and a towel and your towel must be an adequate (bath) towel size. Camping mats, or thick fitness/exercise mats are unsuitable for the yoga room. If you are practising on an old mat that soaks through please be considerate and upgrade your yoga equipment, no-one likes a smelly mat.

What to do before class?

It is important that you are drinking enough water when practising Bikram Yoga.  Please hydrate before class and bring water with you or you can purchase at the studio, we have coconut water, sports drinks, alkaline water and water for sale.  No food for at least 2 hours before and no big meal for 3 hours before your class starts.

Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes there are lockers within reception for you to put your belongings in, pls leave all belonging inside the locker and pls bring your own lock as we do not supply. There are separate female and male and toilets for your use within the complex and as well showers, with a stylish changing rooms for both male and female.

The 30 day pass.  

The 30 day pass is a 30 consecutive day pass which starts on the day you purchase it,  and lasts for 30 consecutive days, that means in a row. You can come as often as you want too, the first class can be challenging and its much better if you come back more than once to get a feel for the yoga. We recommend aiming to come 5 to 6 times to understand what you can get from the yoga and explore your pass as much as possible.  The 30 day pass is for Sydney residents only, is only available on your first visit, and is unsuspendable, no exceptions.