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About Our Studio


We are located in a modern warehouse complex of likeminded business's, our studio has recently been upgraded and is freshly appointed with wonderful new aluminium doors, glass panels, industrial rollers, brickwork.... it has plenty of history and a warehouse feel to it. Providing changing rooms, lockers, water refill station, within concrete floors and a real inner city yoga centre feel to it, its great to come and practise a class in. Please bring a lock for your locker as you are responsible for your own valuables and belongings that you bring to the studio.

Bikram Yoga Inner West has a modern approach to their hot yoga room. We have chosen to instead of the older styled gas systems we have opted for a new more eco friendly, and cleaner for you, heating systems positioning infrared panels on the ceiling of the yoga room, we also have a mechanical vent if we need any extra fresh air and a humidifier to help with sweating. Our heat panels are designed for hot yoga to penetrate deeper into the muscles and fascia and connective tissues and are generally you will feel warmer on the inside for a lot longer, its a much safer, modern, cleaner and fresher way to approach your yoga practise.

Towels and Mats are available for hire, and we have yoga clothing and yoga mats, and other merchandise for sale.

We will be stocking Raw coconut water, we will not be reselling water in plastic bottles. One of our mission statements it to be more aware of the environment therefore please bring your own refillable bottle or buy one of ours, we will be offering a variety of brands. Towels and Mats are available for hire, and we have yoga clothing, drinks, mats, yoga towels, water bottle and other goodies available in our retail section.