For Newcomers

A warm welcome to all our newcomers, you are welcome to jump in and purchase our newcomer offer, its available once and only on your first visit and its for local residents only. As a newcomer please dont panic, we get newcomers all the time and we are happy to assist you and ease you into your practise. Don’t eat too much before class and drink plenty of water so you arrive hydrated. Good advice it too place yourself towards the middle of the room and to listen and try to follow the instructions from the teacher, with all yoga practised be aware of your breath. Comfortable fitting yoga clothing is suitable, tights, leggings, shorts, and a singlet or bra top or a t-shirt, something you can move and stretch in. We get plenty of guys at our studio! You can wear shorts, t shirts singlets…. and everyone needs a yoga mat, a towel and a water bottle for class and all personal belongings are to be left out of the room. We do prefer you to bring your own reusable bottle to the studio so we can keep down use for plastics and be eco friendly. Glass is not permitted in the studio.

The Perfect Pass for Newcomers!

Currently whilst our studio is affected by government restrictions and business recovery due to COVID 19,  we have no newcomer passes on sale. As a newcomer you can jump into our $34 a week membership or purchase a class pass.

New Members
  • For new clients
  • Lasts for 21 days
  • As many classes as you want
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

No need to book, but if you prefer you can create an online account and book your classes in advance. However there is no need to book or call before, just simply turn up. Doors open 15 mins before class.

Which class should I come too?

You can come to whichever class works best for you, there is no right answer here.  You may want to read through the class descriptions and decide from there….all of our instructors will help and be aware of newcomers, but really it does not matter whether it is a full 90 minute bikram, a shorter hot 60 bikram class, or a fun filled vinyasa or a relaxing yin….. come and try all the classes, 21 days for that!!

What time should I get there?

Our studio opens 15 minutes before the class starts, as a newcomer we prefer you to arrive 15 mins before so you have time to organise the sign in and familiarise yourself with the studio.   Please leave 5 minutes more for parking as well specifically during peak times.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, tighter fitting yoga or exercise clothes is best…. not too heavy on the material. Leggings, shorts, tights, bra tops, singlets, t shirts for the women and shorts. T shirt and singlet for the men.

Do I need my own yoga mat and towel?

You can bring your own mat and towel, although we have them to hire at $3 each. Make sure you have a yoga mat (around 4mm thick) and not an exercise mat (thick 10mm spongy) and please make sure you have a clean and fresh smelling yoga mat not one that has been in the garage or the garden for a couple of years!!

How long does the class last?

Bikram classes last 90 minutes, Vinyasa classes last 60 minutes, HOT 60 lasts 60 minutes, YIN is also 60 and Hatha flow is 45.

What to do before class?

Keep hydrated, its important to be drinking enough water when practising yoga specifically hot yoga. Also make sure you haven’t just eaten a large meal before class (2 hours before). Otherwise just turn up and enjoy!

Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes we have onsite lockers for you to use, you can bring your own lock though but all the doors are locked before the class starts. We have brand new showers and toilets for use also.

The 21 day pass

The 21 days pass is a 21 consecutive day pass that starts on the day of your first class.  You can come as often as you like during that 21 day period. We recommend you come at least 6 times during that period to see how much you are going to enjoy and get our of your yoga practise. There are no holds or refunds on this pass and it is for newcomers and sydney residents only.